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What earrings are always in fashion

Jewelers produce new collections every season. Only choose new earrings, as in the windows appear completely different jewelry. Trends change so quickly that sometimes you do not even have time to follow the changes. However, stylists say - to pursue fashion today is already unfashionable. Leading world designers say that it is much more important to find your own style, which can not be changed for years and always remain itself.

Among the many jewelry there are gold earrings that retain their relevance regardless of windy fashion. Check if they are in your box?

Gold hoop earrings
The last couple of seasons large congo earrings confidently occupy the top lines of fashionable jewelry ratings. However, the trend for large catchy jewelry is gradually fading. Do you really have to give up earrings? Of course not.

Look at the models of small and medium diameter - no more than 35 mm. They never disappear from the windows of jewelry stores. The demand for them has remained constant for many years, because these are truly versatile decorations. They fit the face of any shape and go well with a variety of styles. To pick up jewelry in a pair of gold earrings is easy - it is enough to withstand the color of the metal.
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08 October 2018
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